Announcements: October 11, 2014 Meeting

Coastal Quilters’ Meeting

October 11, 2014

Hello, Hello,

I hope this meeting announcement finds you all well and enjoying this amazing fall weather.

MY GOODNESS!  We are going to have a busy two months!

First, our program for the October meeting is Linda Shepard, who is a terrific quilt artist.  You can see her work at her web site:  She uses a collage method to make intricate designs—most often with the flora and fauna that make up the natural world.

Leigh Smith and Lisa Niles will be providing refreshments.

New member Megan Bruns will provide our door prize and be our door greeter.  (Thanks, Megan, for stepping forward in this way.)

Proposed Agenda




Quick Business Meeting

Show and Tell

Door Prize Drawing

Business Meeting Issues:

Approve September Minutes

Treasury Report

“Play It Forward” Account Info

Jan Kelsey asked a really good question about this account:  why do it when we have a line item in the budget for member help.  Two reasons:  this effort is a service effort and no one is compelled to participate as we don’t really do service work—so we don’t want to mix up CQ money with this effort AND people can contribute anonymously if they want to.  Or, not.

Door Prize:  I need someone to volunteer for March 14.

Refreshment list:  I need two people for April 11 and one person for May 9th.


The REALLY GREAT news is that together with Georges Valley, we have hired an auctioneer, Ruth Lind, who also happens to be a quilter.  We are all so excited to be working with her.  AND, one of the many things she brings to the mix is the ability to use credit cards if we want to.

Ruth wants to be able to preview our donated auction items about a week before the auction, so please, please, please get your items to Eleanor ahead of time so they can be reviewed, listed, and tagged.

Anything you make always does well.  Think creative packaging.

Single patterns, magazines, and old books are NOT to be included.  They just don’t sell.

We need the following volunteers:

Friday set-up crew:  Louisa, Gail, Eleanor, Lynn Vermeulen, Ruth Lind—and Georges Valley folks.  We will post a set-up time—and you can still drop off items on Friday if you have to—when we figure out what works for Georges Valley and Ruth LInd.  We may need more muscle for the chair/table set-up.

Door Greeter/plate sign up

Four folks to bring refreshments:  Lynn Vermeulen, Rebecca Babb-Brott, Patty Courtney, Joan Herrick.  (Some of this food should be protein, like sandwiches.)  Georges Valley will also contribute.

One or two (?) people for the sales table

One person to help Giovanna at the Treasury table.

BLOG:  Gail, Sarah, and Louisa will be meeting this coming Monday to refine blog issues.  More on the blog later.


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