Minutes: 2014 Annual Board Agenda and Minutes

Coastal Quilters’ Annual Board Meeting Agenda

10 a.m., August 26, 2014

Louisa Enright’s Home

September 13th Organizational Meeting Components

Refreshment Sign-up

Door Prize Sign-up

Auction Committee Formation for November

Nominating Committee Chair for 2015-2016 Board Positions

2015 Challenge Organizational Plan (collecting, hanging, retrieval)

2014-2015 Programs

2014-2015 Budget

“Play if Forward” bank account from Frank Carr/Lion’s Club burned house—to be funded by CQ member contributions and donated to a CQ member in need.

Member Thank You Gifts

November Auction

Christmas Potluck Plans

2015-2016 CQ Challenge—to be issued at May 2015 meeting.  Do we need a committee?  Or should the board come up with an idea?

New CQ Blog—how to proceed next.  Do we need a “how to” session at the October meeting?  How to “invite” members so they can post for themselves.

Minutes-Coastal Quilters’ Annual Board Meeting

10 am – 12 pm August 26, 2014

Louisa Enright’s home

Program for 2014-2015 presented:

Sept 2014     Organizational meeting

October 2014 Linda Shephard

November 2014 Auction

December 2014 Pot Luck/Yankee Swap/Door prizes

January 2015 ? member workshop/TBA

February  2015 Trunk Show/ Linda Satkowski

March 2015 Speaker TBA

April 2015 Speaker TBA

May 2015 “Pay in May”/Bring in 2014-2015 challenge

June 2014 Pot Luck

Budget:   $XXXX in treasury.   Report to be given at Sept. meeting.

“Pay It Forward” bank account:  This will be opened in chapter name, funded by members contributions, and used for people who need some help.  The amount to keep the fund open will be seeded from the chapter account.

November Auction:  Will be held in Camden with Georges’ Valley Chapter.  Committees will be needed for things like pricing items, gathering the donated items, working day of the auction, etc.  Donors will be asked to suggest starting prices for their items.   Money obtained from the auction is used for programs in the chapters.

2015-2016 CQ Challenge:  Instructions will be issued at the May 2015 meeting. 

CQ Blog:  The blog is up and running.  Sara, Gayle and Louise will meet to discuss presenting and “intro to  CQ blog”.  Participation will be optional.

The scholarship available to all members for classes, workshops, quilt related activities was discussed.  This has been underutilized and may need to be reviewed next year. 


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