Sharing: Joan’s Quilt and Roxanne’s Thomaston, Maine, Harbor Garden

September 28, 2014

Jan Kelsey took lots of pictures at the September meeting, and I hope to sit down with her and show her how to upload then to the blog very soon now.

Meanwhile, she had to leave a bit early, before Joan Herrick showed this amazing yellow quilt.  So, I got this picture of it.


Believe me, this photo does not begin to do this quilt justice.  The border fabric came from Jeanne Marie Robinson, who brought it back from France and gave it to Joan.

To those members who joined after Jeanne Marie tragically died of cancer, she was an astonishingly wonderful art quilter.  Some of us have–and treasure–some of her pieces. I’m sure there are some pictures in our archives of her wonderful work.  And I may have some on my blog:  search on her name.

AND, Roxanne Wells spent the summer creating a garden along the Thomaston harbor. After the meeting she sent me this picture of the largest garden:


This garden is one of several, as I understand it, and the perennials will grow and fill in over the years.  And I’m sure there will be some donations along the way.





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