Sharing: Bonnie Hunter’s Annual Mystery Quilt

Sharing:  October 14, 2014

Bonnie Hunter’s Annual Mystery Quilt

It’s started!

The first posting has come for Bonnie Hunter’s annual mystery Quilt.

This first posting describes what inspired Bonnie.  This year it was her stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, where she has taught for several years now.  The quilt’s name is “Grand Illusion.”   Bonnie gives, in this initial posting, detailed instructions about fabric choices–and provides numbers to paint chips available at Loews.

Here is the url to this first posting if you’d like to take a look:

OR, you can go to Bonnie’s web site,, and click on the BLUE BLOG BUTTON, then click on the Mystery Quilt tab at the top of the page.  Then click on “Introduction” near the bottom of the posting.

The first clue will come the day after Thanksgiving.  And every Friday morning thereafter, Bonnie will post the next clue–or what to do next.  Bonnie makes her quilts in units that combine to make a quilt.  There will be from 6 to 8 weeks of clues.  Bonnie will reveal the quilt sometime between Christmas and New Year’s.

I have been rounding up fabrics and pawing through my stash since this post came in, and I’m assembling some really nice fabric choices.  I’m excited!

Last year, you may recall, I did this annual mystery quilt, “Celtic Solstice.”  And I learned so much from reading Bonnie’s detailed instructions and from interacting with other folks around the world making this quilt.  (There is a Facebook group you can join.)



“Grand Illusions,” said Bonnie, will be less intense than “Celtic Solstice.”

The information on “Grand Illusions” will come off Bonnie’s web site sometime in June, I think.  And the quilt will go into an upcoming book.


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