Challenge Quilts: Louisa Enright’s “The Four Seasons”

October 26, 2014

Louisa Enright’s “The Four Seasons”

I finished them!

I worked on them all summer.  The sewing was fairly quick.  The quilting and embellishments took quite a while.

And I hung them myself–which required a trip to Loew’s for rods, to EBS for the “right” nails, a four-foot level, a long tape measure, a hammer, a pencil, a Mr. Clean eraser pad, and lots of math.  But, hey!, look…


This downstairs bedroom was once John’s office–and my office is now in an extension off to the left.  I’ve been redoing this room since last winter.  The dolly on the bed is handmade and will go to a granddaughter as soon as she turns three.  Her older sister has one of these dolls now and loves it.

And, of course, for those of you who are new to Coastal Quilter’s, the quilt at the foot of the bed was a gift to John and me when he was so, so sick.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  We treasured it together, and I treasure it now.  The quilt let John really know that I was part of a caring community and would be ok when he died.  We named it “Shine On” as it will take all the light and love it holds down to a granddaughter and…beyond.

Here are single pics of these quilts–note that the camera has distorted the squareness:

Spring–I added more buttons to represent the falling blossoms after taking this picture.







And, winter:



These quilts are “quilted” with pearl cotton.  Here’s a close-up to give you more of an idea of the texture the pearl cotton gave the quilts:


These quilts are a partial copy of quilts designed by Sarah Fielke in MATERIAL OBSESSIONS 2.  Fielke did one solid quilt.  I used her template for the tree trunk, her layout at the bottom, and copied her use of the tree crown–made by sewing strips and cutting with a wedge ruler.  I really love the clam-shell fabric that appears in summer and winter.  I varied how each quilt was pieced and quilted…


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