History of Coastal Quilters: Jean Bayer’s Santa Block

History of Coastal Quilters:  January 27, 2015

Jean Bayer’s Santa Block

Last fall, 2014, Leigh Smith donated to our auction a “Santa” block she inherited (and cherished) from Jean Bayer before Jean died some years ago.  Jean was a master appliquer and one of the founding members of Coastal Quilters.

The auction was attended by Jill Morgan, a friend and neighbor of Susan Barry’s cousin, Heather.  (Susan Barry also died some years ago now.)  Jill and Heather travel to Maine from their homes in England in the fall and, if they can, come to a Coastal Quilters’ meeting, where Susan Barry was a much-valued member.  J

ill saw Jean Bayer’s little block and fell in love with it, which she expressed to one of our members who had bought the block.

After reflection, that member mailed the block to Jill.

Here’s what Jill did with the block.  She appears here with her granddaughter, Evie, who is almost six years old.  Evie made the block that she is holding.



What is so heartwarming about this bit of history is that Susan Barry’s AND Jean Bayer’s love of quilting has reached out and touched Evie.

Thanks to all who made this moment possible.  And thanks to Jill for this wonderful picture.


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