Sharing: Louisa Enright Update

Sharing:  September 2, 2015

Louisa Enright Update

Hi everyone!

I will not be at the September meeting as I’ll be driving to Portland and picking up son Bryan and family (wife Corinne and their three daughters:  Ailey, almost 5, Cyanna 2 1/2, and Eloise 6 months) for their fall Maine visit.  This year will probably be their last September visit as Ailey will go into kindergarten next fall–she has a November birthday so will not be a first grader until she is 7.

I will miss you all and will be looking forward to seeing everyone in October.

And meanwhile, know that I am happy to come to your home and get you plugged into the blog so you can post your “sharing” news, etc., during the month.  As of this Friday, Sarah, me, Paula, Gail, Lynn, Jan Kelsey, Becca, and Linda will be all able to post to the blog.  Just give me a call to arrange. It only takes a few minutes, and it’s EASY to post.  

Paula has agreed to be an administrator for the blog, which means I will be able to step out at some point.

Since I can’t come to the September meeting, I thought I’d show and tell right here. Here’s what I’m working on these days.

This as-yet-unnamed quilt is on the long arm, and “God Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise” (as my dad used to say), I’ll make the last pass and take it off for binding later today:


The block is Bonnie Hunter’s for the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine‘s 2015 four-patch challenge.  Bonnie, however, is using a different/wider sashing made from strip pieced neutrals.  It’s glorious and so clever.  I can’t wait to see what she does for corner stones.  And her background fabric is a light aqua.

Here’s the backing, a fabric I bought on sale many years back, from Quilt Divas I think. The purple in the bees drove using the purples in the front of the quilt:


I’m using a limey green thread–and you can see part of the pantograph above:


This quilt is the first one using the light/dark four patch blocks I spent the summer making. There were over 6000 two-inch squares in the two-inch square bin.  It’s been about five years since I emptied it.

I’ve been playing with Bonnie’s most recent Quiltmaker magazine block–from her scrappy block column.  I’m trying to do one a day.  OK, one every now and then…  They are so lively and fun.

(You can see Bonnie’s block from the quilt above in the picture on the left below.)


Bonnie’s current leader/ender project is to use the tumbler block.  I have a great template bought many years ago AND a collection of fruit/veggie fabrics also bought some years ago.  I augmented the fabrics this summer at the Pine Tree show as I had way too many green and red fabrics–once I knew I’d use them with the tumbler block.

This project quickly moved from leader/ender to primary.



The template is 3 1/2 inches, which means I can use my precut neutral 3 1/2-inch strips. And by putting the dark prints side by side, I can get a built in border–something Bonnie suggested somewhere along the way.  The sides are wavy, and from googling the subject, I can see that quilters have figured out a way to keep the waves while binding.  I’ll try that rather than trimming.

Finally, here’s my little brown paper bag challenge:  “Spring Moon”


I added the orange feet and Spring Moon’s neck fabric to the five fabrics I got in the paper bag.  I think I need to move her eye back just a hair.  It’s where the eye is on the picture I used (of one of my hens), but it does not look quite right.

I looked at these fabrics for most of the summer.  The black and white checks looked like a kitchen, or foyer, or bathroom floor, and I just could not get my head around it.  Finally I came up with the idea of using it as a chicken body.  And that was driven by an earlier CQ challenge where I made a black and white version of my Copper Black Maran rooster, Napoleon.  So, now he has a companion:


Here’s the chicken close up:


I cut a big picture of one of my hens into pieces, misty fused them to the backing, quilted with the domestic machine, and then hand-quilted with pearl cotton.

ENJOY THE MEETING and being with the fabulous new board we are all so lucky to have.



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