Paper Bag Challenge Results

Below are the results of this summer’s Paper Bag Challenge, presented at the September 15th meeting. In this challenge, participants chose a paper bag with fabric pieces, sight unseen. We had to use at least a portion of each fabric in a 12-inch square, although we could add fabrics of our own. Thanks to Linda Satkowski and Gail Galloway-Nicholson for providing this challenge!

Barb Melchiskey paper bag challenge IMG_2054

Barb Melchiskey

Becca Babb-Brott Mug-Rug IMG_2057Becca Babb-Brott: She made her challenge into a mug rug.

Linda Satkowski paper bag challenge IMG_2049
inda Satkowski

Lynn Vermeulen paper bag challenge IMG_2047
Lynn Vermeulen

Maggie Schwamb her paper bag challenge IMG_2051
 Maggie Schwamb

Margaret-Elaine Jinno paper bag challenge IMG_2056 Margaret-Elaine Jinno: in progress (inspired by Nancy Murty’s “Larry Leghorn” pattern).

Paula Blanchard's paper bag challenge-IMG_2055
Paula Blanchard

Rebecca Hokkanen her paper bag challenge IMG_2052
 Rebecca Hokkanen

Sarah Ann Smith's paper bag challenge IMG_2053
Sarah Ann Smith: She turned her Paper Bag Challenge into a pillow.


Louisa Enright


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