September 2015 Meeting: Show and Tell

September’s meeting began with Annie Mahle from the schooner J. & E. Riggin talking about life aboard the schooner, which she owns with her husband, including the joys and challenges of being a creative cook for the cruises and how she made quilts for each cabin while her daughters napped. Annie also talked about the quilting cruise Riggin is offering in September 2016.
Chef Annie IMG_2045
Annie Mahle, of the schooner J. & E. Riggin.

Becca's pieced-appliqued quilt IMG_2071
Becca Babb-Brott’s pieced and appliqued quilt top in progress.

Gail's thank you cards IMG_2068
One of Gail Galloway-Nicholson’s thread-painted thank-you cards.

Karen with dyed silk scarf IMG_2064
Karen Martin with her indigo-dyed silk scarf.

Karen with Shibori dyed fabric IMG_2065
Karen Martin with her shibori dyed fabric.

Linda's Bright 25 Patch Quilt IMG_2058
Linda Satkowski’s Bright 25 Patch quilt.

Linda's wall hanging IMG_2060
Linda Satkowski’s wall hanging.

Maggie and her latch-hook rug IMG_2061
Maggie Schwamb and her latch-hook rug.

Maggie and her show and tell IMG_2062
Maggie Schwamb with another piece to show.

Mary with her baby quilt IMG_2066
Mary Sue Bishop with her baby quilt for a friend’s great-great grandson.

Megan's Math Penguins IMG_2069
Megan Bruns’s Wild Boho picture, Math Penguins.

Megan's picture in embroidery hoop IMG_2070
Another of Megan Bruns’s Wild Boho pictures.

Sarah and Yorkie quilt IMG_2063
Sarah Ann Smith and her thread-painted Yorkie quilt.


One thought on “September 2015 Meeting: Show and Tell

  1. It was so wonderful to be with your group! You were so welcoming and kind, lending me a pen and a piece of paper! You are so talented and inspiring as I watched with glee your “show and tell” time. I loved learning about how to do the baskets and mats and will definitely do it. Thank you so much! From, Suzanne de Boer

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