November 2015 Meeting: Show and Tell

Artist Susan Tobey White gave a presentation on color theory for quilters, using her paintings as examples:
Paintings by Susan Tobey White

Susan Tobey White paintings

Members brought in work to share during Show and Tell:
Becca Babb-Brott
Becca Babb-Brott’s 2016 Challenge Quilt.

Quilts by Megan Bruns
Quilt by Megan Bruns.

Jan Corson
Jan Corson’s finished Paper Bag Challenge.

Sharon Flanagan
Sharon Flanagan shows off her new Coastal Quilters name badge.

Margaret-Elaine Jinno
In-process knitted neck warmer and fingerless gloves by Margaret-Elaine Jinno.

Margaret-Elaine Jinno
Knitted penguin hats by Margaret-Elaine Jinno.

Linda Satkowski
Gnome quilt by Linda Satkowski.

Sarah Ann Smith
Machine-embroidered table runner by Sarah Ann Smith.

Sarah Ann Smith
Sarah Ann Smith shares her latest published article.

Roxanne Wells
Roxanne Wells’s Lighthouse Quilt.


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