Press Release: Feb. 13, 2016 Meeting

Presentation on the Art of Needle Felting

Camden, Maine, January 29, 2016—At the February 13th meeting of Coastal Quilters, fiber artist Sue Stasiowski will give a presentation and workshop on needle felting. Although felt is one of the oldest fabrics known to humankind, the dry process of needle felting developed in the 1800s. It became an art form around 30 years ago, when artists started using special barbed needles to tangle loose fibers together to form sculpture, wall hangings, and bowls and other vessels. This is a versatile and rewarding art form, even for beginners. The business meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Camden Lions Club, and the needle felting presentation starts at 11:00. Everyone is welcome, and there is no charge. (The afternoon workshop is full as of this writing.)

Stasiowski’s morning presentation will include a general overview of needle felting. She will bring examples of her artwork and explain how she created them, covering her creative process, needle sizes and types and what they do, use of different fibers, surface embellishment, and working with an armature. She will also address how needle felting has qualities similar to quilting.

A resident of Camden, Sue Stasiowski spends most of her time needle felting and knitting in her studio, but makes time to experiment with other fiber art forms. Stasiowski’s work is represented in collections throughout the Northeast and elsewhere. Her work is in the Markings Gallery in Bath, Maine, and she also works on commission.

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Sample of needle felting by Sue Stasiowski:





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