Sharing: The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Sampler Blocks

February 22, 2016

The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Quilt Sampler Blocks

Hello Everyone!  Louisa Enright here…

(Some members have said that they often have trouble knowing who is writing on a blog post, so it would be a good idea to say who you are right up front.)

The group of CQ members who are making Farmer’s Wife blocks are heading into March and the start of another 8 blocks.  Most of us have made the first 16 blocks.  We are trying to make 2 blocks a week, or 8 in a month.

The “us” so far is Becca Babb-Brott, who started this addiction, Linda Satkowski, Lynn Vermeulen, Louisa Enright, Margaret Elaine Jinno, Jane Liebler, and Paula Blanchard.

Some of us will make all; some not all, some a few.  It’s all good.

And can I tell you that we are learning so, so much–about Foundation Piecing, about fabric choices, and about each other.

I tried to save some of the pictures that are getting passed around among us, and I’m putting up what I have to date.  Note, though, that I do not have any of Margaret Elaine’s fabulous blocks.  She’s learning now how to post blocks to an email message.  Nor do I have a picture of Becca’s blocks, now set into a lovely grey Carol Friedlander fabric that is PERFECT for her fabric choices.

We will bring the blocks to the March meeting so you can see where we are now.

Meanwhile, here are totally random pictures of some of the blocks.  It’s the best I can do a this point.  Some of us are keeping the paper backings on for the moment–to preserve the bias edges; some of us are not.



IMG_0807 (1)








IMG_0806 (1)


We are having fun!


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