Sharing: April All-Day Sit and Sew

Sharing:  April 18, 2016

Posted by Louisa Enright

April All-Day Sit and Sew

This month’s all-day Sit and Sew at the Lion’s Club was, again, lively and energizing.

For some of us, this day is our favorite day of the month.

There is so much energy in the room:  we sew, we share, we laugh, we eat.  (That Becca has gotten me addicted to the Italian sub at French and Brawn.  With potato chips.  I start thinking about it a good week before the next all-day Sit and Sew.  OK, I confess.  I’ve gone and gotten it more than once a month.)

Here are some pics from April’s Sit and Sew–taken in a random moment when I stood up to stretch:

Becca laid out what will be her central motif in Katja Marek’s millefiori quilt–which is at Marek’s web site and at, under “projects.”  This “rosette” has bigger fabric pieces so can be used to highlight fabric, rather than, or not so much as, highlighting the millefiori design.

If you visit Alewives, ask to see their version of this big medallion.  It is part of a larger design, yes, but it could also be used to make a central medallion for a quilt.  And they have more of the other, connecting rosettes done.  (I can’t wait to start this project.)


Becca has collected a lot of blocks from online trading and from experimentation with blocks.  She rounded them all up and brought them in to try to figure out some innovative/creative ways to use them.  Here she started using the floor for added visual space.


I have loved house blocks for over 20 years.  Aren’t these fun?


I especially like this one with the blocks on the side.  And I like the star block below it as well.


Megan worked on her “La Passacaglia Quilt,” from Dutch quilt designer Willyne Hammerstein’s book MILLEFIORI QUILTS.  She is making awesome progress.

This quilt is more about fussy cutting and the true millefiori rosette design.  Megan’s “take” is so fun to watch develop.  Megan is using fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner acquired from last year’s monthly fat quarter package from Alewives.  We both signed up for Alewives low-volume fat quarters for this year.


That’s my space to Megan’s right.  I worked on Bonnie Hunter’s “Wild and Goosey” block, using my “crumb” scrap bags.

Here’s Maggie working on a string quilt–which also has pieced borders now that I look at the picture more closely.  Looking forward to seeing this quilt finished.


Linda layered a lap-size quilt (gorgeous colors–can’t wait to see it finished) using the new foam roller system.  She said it worked great.  Then she worked on a hand project–low-volume hexies–meant to decorate a bedroom chest of drawers I think.  She and I made coffee in the kitchen and really enjoyed it.  (It took me at least an hour before I spilled some of mine.)


Mary Bishop and Margaret Elaine worked on Farmer’s Wife blocks from Laurie Aaron Hird’s book THE FARMER’S WIFE 1930s SAMPLER QUILT.  We are doing eight blocks a month.

IMG_1054 IMG_1053

Mary was trying out the block and thought it “slow.”

Margaret Elaine is up-to-date with 34 gorgeous blocks finished after Sit and Sew–in watery blues and greens.

(April’s blocks were intricate and, yes, tedious.  One either likes, or accepts the sometimes tediousness of Foundation Piecing, or dislikes it.  I do like the results…)

Jan worked on several projects.  I think this one involved a quilt backing:


Other people came and went over the day.

It was a good day!


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