Sharing: Louisa’s Ongoing Projects

Sharing:  April 18, 2016

Louisa’s Projects

I thought as long as I was signed into this blog I’d share some of my ongoing projects that you have not seen.)

(I have to sign in and out of my blog or the CQ blog to post–which is kind of a pain as I like to keep my own blog up and running.)

The big hexie quilt is coming along.  All the flower blocks are done, and I’m connecting everything with the neutral blocks now.


I’m going to use very wide borders (12 inches) outside of the hexies, and Rhea Butler of Alewives has promised to help me pick it (and the backing/binding) out when the hexie body (also known as the “mother ship”) is done.

The hexies are all from my 2 1/2-inch scrap bin–though I did have to use a few of the 2 1/2-inch strips from that bin to get needed color.

This design is from Edyta Sitar’s book HANDFULS OF SCRAPS.


That wild fabric on the long-arm roller bars is for borders for a granddaughter quilt that is almost sewn together.  I’m “webbing” it, so can’t unfold it to take a picture just yet.  I’ve been a little bit distracted with making these other blocks.  (I’ll show you all how to “web” a quilt one of these days–it is very cool–a Bonnie Hunter trick.)

I finished the last of April’s FARMER’S WIFE blocks.  Here’s the last one:


That’s Cotton + Steel fabric of tableware utensils in dark and light versions–combined with just a red polka dot.  Didn’t really think about the red, white, and blue nature of this block until it started to come together.  I could have used a bright green polka dot too…


I’m finding it hard to visualize how one of these blocks will come out.  I’m learning a lot about fabric value and what will (or will not) stand out.  Many of my blocks were all about gorgeous fabric without realizing that the tiny pieces are not going to show the fabric and that I need to think much more about contrast in the block.

I’ve been working on Canadian Katja Marek’s “quilt-lets”–her 2016 challenge (see her blog and the web site, under “projects”).  These quilt-as-you-go blocks are…ADDICTIVE.  Marek is using a 4-inch block, but I’m using the 3-inch version from her THE NEW HEXAGON book as I already had that template package.  (I was going to connect the blocks with triangles–and will still do that with another package as these blocks are really fun to make.)  Also, as this is a quilt-along project (one a week), the 4-inch templates are only slowly being released.  I’m making clear templates from plastic as I go to help fussy cut fabric–and that is working well.


I have three done now, and one more cut out:

IMG_1064 (1)

The backing comes to the front of the block, so these are finished.  They will be sewn together something like this–and I’m going to use some less-wild neutral fabric to off-set the more intense ones.


I”m using #5 pearl cotton, as specified, to “quilt” the neutral borders AND am must lightly quilting a little of the inside of each block.  That’s a “stab” quilting as these little guys don’t fit into a hoop.

The Bonnie Hunter “Wild and Goosey” blocks are coming along slowly, slowly:


I’m using my fabric “crumbs” to make these.  And I’m finding that I’m throwing larger pieces into those bags these days, rather than cutting out the useable squares.  Bad! Bad!

Megan wants to make the Tula Pink blocks next year:



These blocks are much more about fabric than design–and each stands alone in a solid background.  After seeing Amy Friend’s trunk show, I’m going to be looking for a background that is not white.  Hmmmm…  Acid green.  Aqua blue.  Coral.  Gold.

I have fabrics for the first block on my cutting table.  I can’t resist…

Jan Kelsey is right.  I’m a crazy woman about quilting.



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