May 2016 Retreat

Many of us attended a weekend retreat in early May at the Franciscan Guest House in Kennebunk. We did lots of sewing, got to know one another better, and had loads of fun!

Lunch at Alisson's Restaurant
Lunch at Alisson’s Restaurant on the way to the retreat.

Below are shots of us hard at work in the great workshop space the Franciscan Guest House provided.

Part of Workroom

More Workroom




Part of snack table
Part of the snack table!

Becca's Bags of Love donation quilt
Becca Babb-Brott’s Bags of Love donation quilt

Becca's Gypsy Wife Quilt
Becca Babb-Brott’s Gypsy Wife quilt

Megan's Millefiore English Paper Piecing quilt
Megan Bruns’s Millefiori English paper piecing quilt

Jan's Weaving-Table Runner
Jan Corson working on her woven table runner

Jan's woven table runner done
Jan’s finished woven table runner

Louisa's Jacob's Ladder
Louisa Enright’s Jacob’s Ladder quilt

Sharon's Quilt
Sharon Flanagan’s quilt

Vicki's quilt
Vicki Fletcher’s quilt

Vicki's sister-in-law's quilt
Vicki’s sister-in-law’s quilt

Gail-1st Door prize winner wearing most threads
Gail Galloway-Nicholson won a door prize for wearing the most threads!

Margaret Elaine's memory quilt
Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s memory quilt

Jan K Alaska Quilt
Jan Kelsey’s quilt

Jan's friend Laurie's quilt
Jan’s friend Laurie’s quilt

Linda's Selvage Quilt
Linda Satkowski working on her selvage quilt


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