February 2018 Meeting & Show & Tell

The scheduled presenter for February’s meeting had to cancel at the last minute, so we used the opportunity to show traveling quilts that are being worked on by some of the members of Mount Battie Modern quilters (most of whom are also members of Coastal Quilters).

Traveling quilts are worked on in rotation by the participants, each of whom prepared a notebook with a list of parameters that she wants in the quilt that will eventually be hers. For instance, some chose a theme or quote that they wanted their quilts to be based on, or indicated certain colors or fabric designs; others included things they did not want in their quilts. Each quilter has two months to work on the block(s) for each of the quilts.

The images below show the progress that’s been made on these fun quilts over the past year.

Traveling quilt Becca Babb-Brott-600.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s quilt

Traveling quilt Megan Bruns-600.JPG
Megan Bruns’s quilt

Traveling quilt Louisa Enright-600.JPG
Louisa Enright’s quilt

Traveling quilt Vicki Fletcher-600.JPG
Vicki Fletcher’s quilt

Traveling quilt Margaret Elaine Jinno-600.JPG
Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s quilt

Traveling quilt Tori Manzi-600.JPG
Tori Manzi’s quilt

Traveling quilt Joann Moore-600.JPG
Joann Moore’s quilt

Traveling quilt Lynne Vermeulen-600.jpg
Lynn Vermeulen’s quilt

Traveling quilt  Nancy Wright-600.JPG
Nancy Wright’s quilt

More work from Coastal Quilters members and visitors follows.

Long time gone  Becca Babb-Brott.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s Long Time Gone blocks.

Becca Babb-Brott's Selvage quilt.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s selvedge quilt

Ann Bargetz, visitor.JPG
Quilt by visitor Ann Bargetz

Sentimental item brought in by Sharon Flanaghan..JPG
Sentimental item shared by Sharon Flanaghan

Long time gone    Vicki Fletcher.JPG
Vicki Fletcher’s Long Time Gone blocks

Janet Kelsey felting.JPG
Felted image by Jan Kelsey

Janet Kelsey.JPG
Jan Kelsey’s wall quilt

Tori Manzi's ice dyed fabrics.JPG
Tori Manzi’s ice-dyed fabrics, inspired by last month’s program by Jim Vander Noot

Tori Manzi's jelly roll rug.JPG
Jelly roll rug by Tori Manzi

Mary Lou Nichols, visitor.JPG
Quilt by visitor Mary Lou Nichols

Jacket by Sara Ann Smith.JPG
Jacket by Sarah Ann Smith

Wrap around apron by Sara Ann Smith.JPG
Wrap-around apron by Sarah Ann Smith

Two quilts by Lynn Vermeulen:
Lynne Vermuelen.JPG

Lynne Vermulen 1.JPG



January 2018 Meeting: Show & Tell

Member Jim Vander Noot’s program at the January meeting was about fabric ice dyeing. Below are eight images showing his gorgeous fabrics and quilts, followed by work shared by other members.

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-2.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-8.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-3.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-1.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-4.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-5.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-6.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-7.jpg

Work shared by other members:

Vicki Fletcher-1-18.jpg
Vicki Fletcher’s quilt

M-E Jinno-Scrap Bag.jpg
Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s scrap saver

Linda Satkowski-1-18.jpg
Linda Satkowski’s quilt

Sarah Smith-Star Ornaments.jpg
Sarah Ann Smith’s fabric stars

December 2017 Meeting: Show & Tell

Below is work shared by Coastal Quilters members at our Annual Holiday Potluck.

Mary Sue Bishop Christmas jacket and wall hanging.JPG
Christmas jacket and wall hanging by Mary Sue Bishop.

Janet Kelsey quilt.jpg
Janet Kelsey’s quilt.

Janet Kelsey's LaLa Logcabin.JPG
Janet Kelsey’s “LaLa Log Cabin” quilt.

Tori Manzi Glam project.jpg
Tori Manzi’s “Glam” project.

Tori Manzi hoop project.jpg
Tori Manzi with her hoop project.

Tori Manzi-Noodlehead pattern backpack.jpg
Tori Manzi with her “Noodlehead” pattern backpack.

Tori Manzi-paper pieced pillow.JPG
A paper-pieced pillow by Tori Manzi.

And the holiday raffle basket:
Raffle basket.jpg

October 2017: Show & Tell

During October’s meeting, Judy Sala gave a presentation and demonstration on coiled, fabric-covered clothesline bowls, baskets, and more. Below are a couple of images of beautiful and useful objects made using this method, followed by images of work shared by Coastal Quilters members.

Judy Sala with some of her coiled baskets and bowls.

Coiled basket and place mat by Tori Manzi
Coiled ice-dyed fabric bowl and “minimalist” placemat, made by member Tori Manzi.

Mary Sue Bishop's jacket-10-17.jpg
Mary Sue Bishop modeling her quilted jacket.

Louisa Enright's Bonnie Hunter 2016-2017 challenge quilt.JPG
Louisa Enright shows her finished 2016-2017 Bonnie Hunter challenge quilt.

Joan Herrick-10-17.jpg
Joan Herrick with her knitted sweater.

Kathy Moore-10-17.jpg
Kathy Moore shared fabric bowls she had made, showing another way of using fabric to make bowls.

Ann Vanosdol-10-17.jpg
Baby quilts for twins, by Ann Vanosdol.

Nancy Wright's tunic-10-17.jpg
Nancy Wright showing the tunic she made, which was inspired by September’s program on the resurgence of garment construction.



September 2017: Show & Tell

Lots of great work done over the summer!

Quilt by Louisa Enright using fabric selvages.

Quilt by Joan Herrick.

Jan Kelsey’s felted landscapes, done at a Fiber College workshop.

Tori Manzi’s project tote bag.

Quilt by new member Mary Lou Nichols.

Maggie Schwamb’s kite tails quilt, started in Amy Friend’s improv paper piecing workshop last spring.

Quilt done by Maggie Schwamb’s sister-in-law for Maggie’s son.

June 2017 Meeting: Show and Tell

We had our annual pot luck at the June meeting and voted in a new slate of officers. The highlight of the meeting was Show & Tell. In addition to Farmer’s Wife quilts, which several quilters worked on for the past year, members had a bounty of beautiful and varied work to share.

The first set of images below are Farmer’s Wife quilts, which show how different the quilts turned out in spite of everyone’s following the same block patterns from the book The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt by Martha Pullen Store.

Becca Babb-Brott: Farmer’s Wife quilt front and back

Paula Blanchard: Farmer’s Wife lap quilt, top

Louisa Enright: Farmer’s Wife quilt, detail shot, and back of quilt

Margaret-Elaine Jinno: Farmer’s Wife quilt top and detail shot:

Linda Satkowski’s Farmer’s Wife quilt

Lynn Vermeulen: Front and back of Farmer’s Wife quilt

More work by members:

Quilt by Becca Babb-Brott

Paula Blanchard’s map art quilt

Quilting by Louisa Enright

Sharon Flanagan’s quilt

Three quilts by Joan Herrick

Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s block for the “Dawn Chorus” 2017 Challenge and an embroidered tea towel with “hexies”

Child’s dress made by guest Nancy Lloyd

Quilt by Tori Manzi

Jim VanderNoot’s quilt

Three quilts by Ann Vanosdol, showing front and back of first one

Work by Nancy Wright



May 2017 Meeting: Show & Tell

May’s meeting was the deadline for blocks for the 2017 Coastal Quilters’s quilt challenge, “The Dawn Chorus.” Member Sarah Ann Smith designed the tree and sky background schematic, based on a similar concept she saw. Members chose one or more blocks to turn into mini-quilts that were embellished with a bird of their choosing–real or imaginary. Sarah pinned the finished blocks to a background so we could see for the first time how the blocks would come together in the final installation, which will be exhibited at Maine Quilts 2017 from July 27 – 29. Photos below show the blocks that members brought to the meeting.

Sarah’s original painted schematic for the tree branches and sky.

Finished blocks, pinned in their relative positions.

Below are close-up shots of some of the blocks.

More work from members follows. First is English paper piecing by Mary Bishop.

Below are images of five quilts and a knitted selvage piece by Louisa Enright:

Two quilts by Joan Herrick:

Margaret Elaine Jinno shows a panel from her Farmer’s Wife quilt:

Mary Keller, a guest, shares her quilt:

Tori Manzi’s blocks from the Amy Friend “Improv Paper Piecing” workshop:

Lisa Niles and her quilt:

Linda Satkowski’s quilt and knitted selvage placemat:

Maggie Schwamb shows blocks from Amy Friend’s workshop on “Improv Paper Piecing”:

Sarah Ann Smith’s Women’s March quilt, “Speak Up, Speak Out,” which was accepted in the Threads of Resistance traveling exhibition, opening July 11 at the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Mass.:

Two quilts by Jim VanderNoot:

Lynn Vermeulen’s work from Amy Friend’s “Improv Paper Piecing” workshop:

Nancy Wright’s quilt: