2015 CQ Challenge


The 2015 challenge involves quilts depicting “the four seasons”:  spring summer, winter, fall.

You may depict one season in a quilt and do one, two, three or all four seasons in as many quilts.


You may make ONE quilt that depicts all four seasons.

The vertical/top-to-bottom, length measurement will be constant at 21 inches, which allows piecers to use blocks divisible by 3, which accounts for most blocks.

The horizontal/side-to-side, width measurement can slide from a minimum of 9 inches to a maximum of 30 inches.

These measurements will allow for both portrait and landscape quilts.

At Maine Quilts, the quilts will be hung by season.  Four-seasons-in-one-quilt will likely be hung at the end(s) of the display.    If you choose to do a diptych of two seasons, they will not hang next to each other at Maine Quilts.

All quilts will be due at the May 9, 2015, meeting.  But members are encouraged to share completed quilts all during the year.


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