2016 Challenge

2016 Challenge Quilt:  “Opposites Attract”


Finished Size:  16” x 16”



Number of pieces:  there must be 16 recognizable individual pieces, no more and no less than 16.

Pieces:  may be any shape including, but not limited to:  geometric, abstract,     representational, architectural, natural, letters, numbers, symbols……etc.  and/or any combination thereof.

It is recommended that each individual participant elect to incorporate something new in this challenge that one has had an itch to try.  It may be something as simple or as elaborate as one chooses as long as it can be done within the parameters of the challenge.


Must contain 5 colors (no prints) including plain black, plain white, plain gray.

Must contain 2 plain (no prints) colors that are opposites (otherwise known as complimentary colors) on the color wheel.


Examples could include the following combinations: 

     red violet/yellow green

     blue green/red orange

     yellow orange/blue violet

 Or, for those with a more sophisticated eye for color and wish to use the colors between the tertiary colors, further opposites include:

     red violet red/ green yellow green

     orange red orange/blue green blue

     red orange red/green blue green

     orange yellow orange/blue violet blue

     yellow orange yellow/violet blue violet

     yellow green yellow/violet red violet


Any fabric, including, but not limited to:  silk, cotton, synthetic, burlap, corduroy, flannel, velvet, wool, satin, knit, twill, linen, denim, tulle….etc. or any combination thereof.

Construction technique:  including, but not limited to:  hand, machine, foundation, or paper piecing, appliqué, fusing, or any combination thereof.

Batting/Sandwich filling:  may be of any material of any color

Back of quilt:  may be of any color or fabric


1)  Embellishment:  any, including, but not limited to:  embroidery or beading, as long as the embellishment is done in one or more of the 5 colors in the challenge.

2)  Quilting:  any, including, but not limited to:  hand, machine, traditional, free motion, metallic, monofilament.  The quilting must be done in one, or a combination, of the 5 colors of the challenge in the quilt top.

3)  Binding:  any technique selected by the individual participant in any width or shape.  It may be of any fabric as long as it is one of the 5 colors in the challenge.

4)  Label:  must be legible and attached to the back of the quilt.  It must contain the participant’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, name of the challenge piece, and contain a reference to the Coastal Quilters Guild.



1 thought on “2016 Challenge

  1. “No prints” sounds as though we are restricted to solids only. Or possibly hand-dyes. Is that correct, or is there more flexibility?

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