Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

In alphabetical order:

Dues:  Dues are in two parts, a  component that goes to the Pine Tree Quilt Guild, our parent organization, and a smaller amount for the chapter. If you are a member of another chapter, you may also be part of Coastal Quilters; these memberships pay only a small chapter fee since they pay their PTQG dues through their home chapter. Annual dues are $23 ($15 to PTQG, the balance to CQ).

Door Prize: Each month a member provides us with a door prize. Members may buy chances on the door prize at $1.00 per chance or six for $5.00. The door prize may be anything related to quilting, from fabric to books, to sewing utensils, to something you have made. The person who donates the door prize sits at the front desk and welcomes members and visitors and takes care of the sign-in sheet and the chances for the door prize.

Maine State Quilt Show: Pine Tree Quilters Guild holds an annual Quilt Show the last weekend in July. All quilters are invited to participate.

Patchwork Press: Patchwork Press, the Pine Tree Quilters newsletter, is published six times per year: February, April, June, August, October, and December. It is a part of your State Guild membership and each chapter has a correspondent who submits articles.

Potlucks: Potlucks are held in June, September, and December on the regular meeting dates at the Camden Lions Club. The June and September potlucks coincide with the end and beginning of the regular season, and the December potluck is the Annual Holiday Potluck.

PTQG Area 2: Coastal Quilters is a chapter of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild, Inc., of Maine. The Guild is composed of numerous chapters and the chapters are grouped into Areas. Coastal Quilters is in Area 2, the mid-coast of Maine. From time to time, a chapter within Area 2 hosts an Area 2 get-together.

Publicity for Meetings: Press releases are sent to the Camden Herald, the Courier Gazette, the Free Press, the Beacon, and to various online websites.

Scholarship: CQ has a scholarship fund to enable members to take workshops or classes (in person or online) that relate to fiber arts and, if needed, to defray the cost of dues. See the information on the Scholarship page for more details. 

Snow Policy: If a meeting will be canceled due to inclement weather, the president will send an email to the membership the morning of the meeting. Those who have email buddies are asked to notify them.


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