CQ Scholarships


The Coastal Quilters Scholarship/Assistance Fund serves two purposes.

It will be used primarily to provide financial assistance to members for the purpose of taking classes/workshops in quilting and/or related fiber arts. Each member whose name is drawn will receive $100.00 for a class/workshop of her choosing.

As a secondary function of this fund, a maximum of $40.00 will be set aside annually to assist members in paying dues, either PTQG or Coastal Quilters dues or both.


Scholarship Amount: The scholarship amount will be $100.00. Recipients must provide receipts for expenses; e.g., a class, class supplies, travel. If the full $100.00 is not used, recipients will refund to the treasurer the amount that remains.

Application: The applications must be submitted to the Vice President at least two weeks before the meeting/drawing (See Date of Selection below). The applying member must be as specific as possible as to the class or workshop. However, if the applicant wishes to take a class at a certain quilt show or other event (i.e., Maine Quilts, A Quilters Gathering), but the class schedule is not available when the application is due, it will be acceptable to indicate the name of the show or event on the application. Applications may be for any class that is related to work in support of textile/fiber/quilt work including but not limited to photography, business and art classes.   (See Format of Application below.)

Selection: Scholarships will be awarded on a lottery method from submitted applications. The Vice President will place the names of all applicants in a basket (or similar container), and the winners will be drawn on the designated selection date.

Date of Selection: Selection will be made twice annually, at the potluck in August and at the Christmas party in December. Thus, applications must be submitted to the Vice President two weeks prior to the August picnic date and two weeks prior to the Christmas party.

Use of Funds: The number of scholarships awarded will depend upon the amount in the scholarship fund. Awards are not restricted in use to the class fee only; they can be used for travel and lodging, supplies or any other expense of taking the class.

Report to Coastal Quilters: It will be expected that any recipient of a scholarship will present a brief program at a meeting to be scheduled to occur within a year of taking the class. Several winning members may give their presentations at one meeting.

Limitations: A member may apply for more than one scholarship in a year. However, new applicants will have priority if scholarships are limited.


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