CQ History

First, there was a loose group of quilt makers around Martha Brower’s Quilters Cottage, a small quilt shop on Union Street near the Camden-Rockport arch.  Their first project was perhaps the quilt which hangs in the “YMCA”.  When Coastal Quilters outgrew the small room at Quilters Cottage, they met for a time at the “Y.”

Ann Baker, who moved away in 2004, seems to have been the main “mover and shaker.”  But, Susan Barry, Mary Pennoyer, Gene Stinson, Pat Vitalo, Joan Herrick, Roxanne Wells and Beth Guisely were among that early group.  There is an early picture of this group, printed in “The Camden Herald,” which is in our archives.  The group had made quilts for a children’s charity.

In 2004, the group began meeting at Quarry Hill.  Pat Vitalo was “contact person” and Leigh Smith did the programs.  That was the year when Coastal Quilters formally became a chapter of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild.  That year many of our members made quillows for the residents of Quarry Hill.

CQ moved to the Lion’s Club for our December 2005 meeting and have met there since.  Our first formal presidents were Co-Presidents Roxanne Wells and Jan Pitcairn.  Under them we established and passed by-laws and a more formal organization structure.

In November 2007, as an attempt to both give our own members and other fiber artists a venue in which to sell their extra projects AND to educated the public about how time-consuming, etc., fiber art work can be, we attempted a Fiber Arts Bazaar, which we held at the Lion’s Club.  But, even then we could see we needed a larger space if we were to continue.  We had some nice foot traffic and our members decided to upgrade the event.  So, we held the next Fiber Arts Bazaar in November 2008 at the American Legion Hall on Pearl Street.  We made money, but there wasn’t a huge turnout as November has very busy weekends.  The recession was making itself felt, so we decided not to continue the Fiber Arts Bazaar.

In other regular activities, we started the table for give-aways at regular meetings  in January 2007.  We hosted the Area 2 meeting, April 7, 2007.  The annual auction moved around the calendar year until it settled into November in 2008.  In June 2007, we decided not to invite the general public to our auctions but to drop flyers at local quilt and yarn shops and to ask the Area 2 representative to email the other chapters.  Finally, we created policy for the Scholarship fund October 2008.


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