CQ Meetings 2013-14

CQ Meetings 2013-2014 

September 14           New Officers take up duties; Deadline for paying dues

Business Meeting, Show and Tell

*New Challenge for 2013-2014 will be announced

October 12                 10:00 Meeting at the Camden Library where our

Challenges will be on exhibit;  *1:00 Exhibit Opening* at the Camden


November 9               Guest Speaker: Jo Diggs of Portland — Trunk Show

December 14             Annual Pot Luck Christmas Party/Yankee Swap

January 11                 Guest Speaker: Dianne Hire of Northport on new book

* President will appoint a nominating committee for 2014-2015

Board Positions

February 8                 Guest Speaker: Linda Shepard of Union – Trunk Show

March 8                     Guest Speaker: Carrie Hedstrom of Camden — Trunk Show

April 12                     Guest Speaker: Harry and Marsha Smith of Camden

*Nominating Committee will present slate of candidates for 2014-

2015 board positions

May 10                       Guest Speaker: Barbara Neeson from Alewives – photos on quilts

* PAY IN MAY!!!   2014-2015 Dues are due!

*Challenge Quilts Due

*A Prize will be given to the person who can name the maker

of the most challenge quilts.

June 14                      Member Speaker: Jim VanderNoot – Trunk Show

*Membership vote on slate of officers for next year’s board

*Discussion of next year’s challenge

July 12                       Snow Birds Meeting (cancelled due to everyone being busy)

*Annual audit of Treasurer’s books

August 9                     Summer Pot Luck  (cancelled due to everyone being busy)

*Final Date for paying your 2014-2015 Dues!!!


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