Press Release: April 2018

For immediate release

Eco-Printing and Indigo Shibori

Camden, Maine, March 21, 2018—Amelia Poole is a fiber artist who uses traditional indigo dye and dyes from locally sourced plants to create extraordinary color, pattern, and texture on natural fibers. She will give a talk and PowerPoint presentation about both Japanese shibori dyeing and eco-printing on Saturday, April 14th, at the Coastal Quilters meeting. She also will bring samples of her work to pass around and have a small trunk show and sale afterwards. The meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Camden Lion Club and is free and open to all.

Amelia has used traditional shibori techniques and images to create modern works of art since she was 18 years old. Her larger pieces now can take up to 400 hours to complete. For her eco-printed work, Amelia uses only dye from plants she has gathered or grown herself. She has developed a mordanting (fabric treatment) method that creates extremely accurate, lightfast, and washable images on many types of cloth. Amelia says she has no secrets about her processes and is happy to share!

Amelia Poole was raised by scientists, and she brings her love of fibers and textiles, botany, chemistry, and history to her teaching and art. She received an MFA in Woven Textile Design and Construction from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, Surrey, UK. Amelia’s work, as well as the work of other artists, is available at her shop/studio, Ecouture Textiles, in Brooksville. She also shows her work at fine craft shows throughout New England.

Work below is by Amelia Poole; first two pieces are eco-printing and last two are indigo shibori.

APoole-ecoprint 2-600.jpg


APoole-shibori 2-600.jpg



February 2018 Meeting & Show & Tell

The scheduled presenter for February’s meeting had to cancel at the last minute, so we used the opportunity to show traveling quilts that are being worked on by some of the members of Mount Battie Modern quilters (most of whom are also members of Coastal Quilters).

Traveling quilts are worked on in rotation by the participants, each of whom prepared a notebook with a list of parameters that she wants in the quilt that will eventually be hers. For instance, some chose a theme or quote that they wanted their quilts to be based on, or indicated certain colors or fabric designs; others included things they did not want in their quilts. Each quilter has two months to work on the block(s) for each of the quilts.

The images below show the progress that’s been made on these fun quilts over the past year.

Traveling quilt Becca Babb-Brott-600.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s quilt

Traveling quilt Megan Bruns-600.JPG
Megan Bruns’s quilt

Traveling quilt Louisa Enright-600.JPG
Louisa Enright’s quilt

Traveling quilt Vicki Fletcher-600.JPG
Vicki Fletcher’s quilt

Traveling quilt Margaret Elaine Jinno-600.JPG
Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s quilt

Traveling quilt Tori Manzi-600.JPG
Tori Manzi’s quilt

Traveling quilt Joann Moore-600.JPG
Joann Moore’s quilt

Traveling quilt Lynne Vermeulen-600.jpg
Lynn Vermeulen’s quilt

Traveling quilt  Nancy Wright-600.JPG
Nancy Wright’s quilt

More work from Coastal Quilters members and visitors follows.

Long time gone  Becca Babb-Brott.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s Long Time Gone blocks.

Becca Babb-Brott's Selvage quilt.JPG
Becca Babb-Brott’s selvedge quilt

Ann Bargetz, visitor.JPG
Quilt by visitor Ann Bargetz

Sentimental item brought in by Sharon Flanaghan..JPG
Sentimental item shared by Sharon Flanaghan

Long time gone    Vicki Fletcher.JPG
Vicki Fletcher’s Long Time Gone blocks

Janet Kelsey felting.JPG
Felted image by Jan Kelsey

Janet Kelsey.JPG
Jan Kelsey’s wall quilt

Tori Manzi's ice dyed fabrics.JPG
Tori Manzi’s ice-dyed fabrics, inspired by last month’s program by Jim Vander Noot

Tori Manzi's jelly roll rug.JPG
Jelly roll rug by Tori Manzi

Mary Lou Nichols, visitor.JPG
Quilt by visitor Mary Lou Nichols

Jacket by Sara Ann Smith.JPG
Jacket by Sarah Ann Smith

Wrap around apron by Sara Ann Smith.JPG
Wrap-around apron by Sarah Ann Smith

Two quilts by Lynn Vermeulen:
Lynne Vermuelen.JPG

Lynne Vermulen 1.JPG


Press Release: March 2018

For Immediate Release:

Modern Quilts from Inspiration to Execution

Camden, Maine, March 1, 2018—Have you ever wondered where to find inspiration for a modern quilt design? At the next meeting of Coastal Quilters, on Saturday, March 10, quilter and quilt designer Kathryn Simel will discuss what makes a quilt “modern” and how and where to find ideas for quilts, which she says are as close as our own backyards. By showing examples of her work and explaining where her inspiration comes from, Kathryn will take the mystery out of the process of design and help quilters at all levels to find inspiration and to gain confidence in their own voices. The presentation begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Camden Lions Club and is free and open to all.

In addition to discussing design, Kathryn will share the tools and reference sources she uses in the development of a quilt, from the initial sketch to the finished product. As proprietor of Midcoast Cottage Design, which has released 26 patterns to date, she will discuss the challenges of being a “one-woman show” and the economics of pattern making. There will be a question-and-answer session after the talk. Kathryn will also offer some of her patterns for sale.

Kathryn Simel left a 27-year corporate career in 2011 to relocate to Maine. She started quilting again and, with the encouragement of a local shop owner, she started Midcoast Cottage Design in 2013. Her designs have been published in major quilting magazines, and her quilts have won awards at QuiltCon and Maine Quilts. She lives with her husband in Cushing, Maine.

#   #   #

Quilts below are by Kathryn Simel.

Kathryn Simel Quilt-1-photo by Kitty Wilkin-600.jpg
Photo by Kitty Wilkin.

Kathryn Simel quilt-2-600.jpg

Kathryn Simel Quilt-3-600.jpg

January 2018 Meeting: Show & Tell

Member Jim Vander Noot’s program at the January meeting was about fabric ice dyeing. Below are eight images showing his gorgeous fabrics and quilts, followed by work shared by other members.

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-2.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-8.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-3.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-1.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-4.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-5.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-6.jpg

Jim Vander Noot-1-18-7.jpg

Work shared by other members:

Vicki Fletcher-1-18.jpg
Vicki Fletcher’s quilt

M-E Jinno-Scrap Bag.jpg
Margaret-Elaine Jinno’s scrap saver

Linda Satkowski-1-18.jpg
Linda Satkowski’s quilt

Sarah Smith-Star Ornaments.jpg
Sarah Ann Smith’s fabric stars

Press Release: January 2018

For Immediate Release:

Fabric Ice Dyeing at Coastal Quilters

Camden, Maine, December 17, 2017—Quilters work with fabric every day, but some go a step further, creating their own fabric. At the January 13th meeting of Coastal Quilters, quilt artist and (fabric) surface designer Jim Vander Noot will provide a detailed introduction to ice dyeing, a popular surface technique that yields unusual designs using Procion MX dyes with ice and snow. Jim will present a slideshow overview of the ice dyeing process, taking us through the options step by step. He will show several ways to manipulate fabric to achieve patterning, illustrating the results with a variety of samples. Jim will also bring several of his unique ice-dyed fabrics and shirts from his Etsy shop, Tidewater Studio, which will be available for sale.

The meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. at the Camden Lions Club and is free and open to all. Come join us to discover the possibilities of working with dyes, and to get answers to your questions about supplies, techniques, and other resources.

Jim Vander Noot has had a lifelong passion for fiber arts. He learned traditional quilt making while living in Houston in the late 1980s and was quickly hooked. Always one to experiment, Jim has explored a broad range of quilting techniques. Favoring graphic shapes and bold colors, he creates quilts that range from humorous, cartoon-like works to abstract compositions and scenes inspired by the Maine coast. Recently Jim’s focus has been on fused appliqué accented by dense quilting and thread painting, as well as whole-cloth quilts from dyed and painted fabrics. His quilts have been exhibited widely, including at International Quilt Festival Houston and International Quilt Festival of Ireland. Jim lives with his wife and daughter in St. George and in West Chester, PA.

#   #   #

Ice-dyed fabrics and shirt below are by Jim Vander Noot.



JVanderNoot-Ice Panel 1_600.jpg

JVanderNoot-Ice Panel 2_600.jpg


December 2017 Meeting: Show & Tell

Below is work shared by Coastal Quilters members at our Annual Holiday Potluck.

Mary Sue Bishop Christmas jacket and wall hanging.JPG
Christmas jacket and wall hanging by Mary Sue Bishop.

Janet Kelsey quilt.jpg
Janet Kelsey’s quilt.

Janet Kelsey's LaLa Logcabin.JPG
Janet Kelsey’s “LaLa Log Cabin” quilt.

Tori Manzi Glam project.jpg
Tori Manzi’s “Glam” project.

Tori Manzi hoop project.jpg
Tori Manzi with her hoop project.

Tori Manzi-Noodlehead pattern backpack.jpg
Tori Manzi with her “Noodlehead” pattern backpack.

Tori Manzi-paper pieced pillow.JPG
A paper-pieced pillow by Tori Manzi.

And the holiday raffle basket:
Raffle basket.jpg

Press Release: November 2017

For Immediate Release:

Art Quilt Maps at Coastal Quilters

Camden, Maine, November 2, 2017—Timna Tarr returns to Coastal Quilters on Saturday, November 11th, for a trunk show and presentation titled “Marking a Spot.” She will bring several map quilts that she has created and talk about how her process evolved with each one. Her presentation promises to be an informative introduction in preparation for Coastal Quilters’s 2018 Challenge: “Art Quilt Maps.”

Timna will also discuss how to choose effective paper or digital maps to work from, and how different types of maps lend themselves to specific quilting techniques, such as paper piecing, appliqué, fusing, and more. The program will take place at the Lions Club in Camden, beginning at 9:30 a.m. It is free and open to all. After her presentation, Ms. Tarr will conduct a workshop on map quilts (the workshop is full).

Quilter, teacher, and lecturer Timna Tarr comes from a long line of quilters but did not begin quilting until after studying art history in college. Her quilts have won many awards and have been in numerous juried exhibitions, including American Quilting Society shows, the International Quilt Festival in Houston, and the National Quilting Society show in Columbus. In addition, her quilts have been featured in several quilting magazines and books. Timna lives in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

#   #   #

Map quilts below are by Timna Tarr; photos by Stephen Petegorsky.

Tarr-Holyoke 1938-600.jpg
Holyoke 1938

Tarr-Roses in the Rotary-600.jpg
Roses in the Rotary

Tarr-Mississippi Meander-600.jpg
Mississippi Meander